Introducing Matador

Matador Top Characteristics

  1. Highest level of blast protection in the world in it’s weight class
  2. Independently tested and verified
  3. Double-skin spaced armour providing superb ballistic protection
  4. Large crew capacity 
  5. 3 600 kg payload allowing for numerous configurations
  6. Continuous co-operation at 55º Celcius

Matador Specifications

General Specifications
Crew: 2+12
Kerb Weight (kg): 11000kg to 13400kg
Wheelbase: 3950mm to 4200mm
Combat Weight-GVM: 18000kg
Payload: Up to 5000kg

Max Speed-Road: 100 to 120km/h (tyre dependent)
Turning Circle: <20m
Road Range: 700km
Engine: 6-Cylinder Turbo-Diesel (165kW to 221 kW) (801 N.m to 1100 N.m)
Transmission: Automatic
Transfer Box: Various Options
Diff Locks: Air Operated Front, Centre and Rear
Brakes: Air Operated Disc or Drum Brakes (ABS ready) on some models
Tyres: 14.00 R20
Air-conditioner: 7kW to 15kW
Electrical System: 24V
KE Protection (Standard): Up to STANAG 4569 level 3
Blast Protection: Greater than STANAG 4569 level 4

Matador: Highly protected armoured vehicle

Highly protected armoured vehicle ideal for patrolling long borders.


Matador offers the highest levels of protection as standard against mine and kinetic attacks. It is designed to take a section of infantry (commander, driver and 12 soldiers) with all their equipment. This is a flexible battlefield tool for both conventional, asymmetric warfare, counter terrorism and peacekeeping.

Matador can be configured as an armoured personnel carrier or as a light infantry combat vehicle mounting a variety of weapons including machine guns or anti-tank missiles. It is designed to use Commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) components and major assemblies from volume manufacturers which reduces the whole-of-life costs and offers excellent, proven reliability.


Matador is independently tested and proven to withstand anti-tank landmine blasts of 14 kg TNT anywhere under the hull and 21 kg TNT under any wheel (greater than STANAG 4569 4a and 4b). Against kinetic attack it is protected to STANAG 4569 Level 3 as standard. Extra protection can be provided against specific threats, such as large IEDs and RPG’s.


Matador has been tested over some of the most difficult terrain including the Middle East deserts and delivers outstanding levels of mobility over all types of terrain. It is fast and agile, allowing it to make good use of the ground to out-flank ambush sites or heavily defended positions.

Matador is designed to take more than 4,600kg of payload without loss of mobility and is air-portable in a C130 with minimal preparation (without turret).


Ideal for patrolling international borders, protecting open flanks against insurgents and supporting a quick reaction force due to long range, large internal volume and storage capacity. Day/Night vision sights and sensors can be fitted to extend the ranges of observation and engagement.