Introducing Marauder

Marauder Top Characteristics

  1. Its been called the “World’s most unstoppable vehicle” by Top Gear UK
  2. Multi-role platform
  3. Independantly verified and testing blast protection
  4. Double-skin spaced armour providing superb ballistic protection
  5. Full crew survivability against 50kg IED
  6. Proven reliable drivelines in-service

Marauder Specifications

General Specifications
Crew: 2 + 8
Kerb Weight: 11 000 kg to 13 000 kg
Wheelbase: 3 550 mm
Combat Weight - GVM: Up to 18 000 kg
Payload: Up to 5 000 kg

Max Speed-Road: 100 to 120 km/h (tyre dependent)
Turning Circle: < 18 m
Road Range: 700 km
Engine: 6-Cylinder Turbo-Diesel (165 kW to 221 kW) (801 N.m to 1 100 N.m)
Transmission: Automatic
Transfer Box: Various Options
Diff Locks: Air Operated Front, Centre and Rear
Brakes: Air Operated Disc or Drum Brakes (ABS ready) on some models
Tyres: 14.00 R20
Air-conditioner: 7 kW to 15 kW
Electrical System: 24 V
KE Protection (Standard): STANAG 4569 level 3
Blast Protection: Greater than STANAG 4569 level 3

Marauder: Multi-role, highly agile mine-protected armoured vehicle

Multi-role, highly agile mine-protected armoured vehicle.


The Marauder is an extremely flexible and agile battlefield tool with outstanding mine and ballistic protection. It accommodates a crew of 2 in the front plus 8 fully equipped soldiers in the rear. Marauder can be configured as a simple armoured personnel carrier or as an effective wheeled combat vehicle by the addition of appropriate weapon systems, making it ideal for conventional and non-conventional missions.

Marauder can be supplied in standard or stretched versions which offer extra space to carry more troops, and extra stores. There are different driveline options available depending on the client preference.


All of Paramount Group’s armoured vehicles are designed to provide the best possible protection, ensuring optimum survivability for the crew. The Marauder is independently proven to offer mine protection up to 8kg TNT (STANAG 4569 level 3b) anywhere under the hull and 14kg TNT (greater than STANAG 4569 level 4a) for a blast under any wheel.  It is fitted with a double-skinned spaced armour hull throughout the cabin and crew compartment to protect it against kinetic attack up to STANAG 4569 level 3. Additional armour can be added to protect against specific threats such as RPG  and increased kinetic attack up to STANAG 4569 level 4.

Specially designed anti-blast seats prevent injury from the extreme acceleration of a side blast or a mine blast under the hull.


The Marauder is rugged, robust and offers outstanding cross-country agility. With reserves of power in hand it is able to cross all types of terrain at speed. It can be airlifted (C130 and Chinook) with little preparation and provides excellent strategic mobility.


Designed to handle up to 4,500kg payload, the Marauder offers outstanding flexibility in the choice of weapons and mission specific equipment. With the ability to carry extra  fuel tanks, water and combat supplies it can be deployed for long-range patrol or quick reaction force operations. Day/Night vision devices and extra sensors can be fitted to provide 24/7 operability.

Worlds "Most Unstoppable Vehicle" showcased on Top Gear.