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Paramount Group is a world leader in defence and security innovation with an exceptional reputation for developing and delivering integrated solutions for defence, internal security and peacekeeping forces across the world.

The largest privately-owned defence and aerospace business in Africa, it has unique capabilities in land systems, aerospace, naval systems, advanced technologies and electronic systems.

Since its inception in 1994, Paramount Group has established itself as a global innovator with the development of one of the world's most advanced families of armoured combat vehicles, and a revolutionary reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft, the first aerial platform of its kind.

Paramount Group has one of the strongest aerospace offerings in Africa comprising supersonic fighter aircraft solutions, air force establishment, systems integration, avionics, UAVs, sighting and mission sensors. Integrating advanced systems that extend the mission performance and lifespan of fixed wing aircraft, helicopters and unmanned airborne vehicles is a key competence.

The Group also offers the manufacture, maintenance and refurbishment of naval vessels including light strike craft, rapid intervention and off shore patrol vessels at its own facilities.

Paramount Group is a trusted partner of sovereign governments around the world.

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Channel News Asia - US-Africa ties

A promise of US$30 billion of new investment. But does America's latest outreach to Africa reflect a deeper engagement? Or is President Barack Obama attempting to buy some goodwill and play catch up with China?

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Harvard Int. Review - Pragmatism Deters Offense: The Understanding Needed for Africa to Protect and Prosper

Amidst almost perpetual darkness, there remain glimmers of hope in the #BringBackOurGirls movement.

Indeed it was but a few weeks ago (and reports are only coming out now) that photos from U.S. reconnaissance planes flying over Nigeria surveyed and revealed large groups of girls in remote yet strategically organized locations – raising hopes that they may be some of the two-hundred-plus pupils abducted in April.

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Almost three years after it announced plans to produce a low-cost, multirole aircraft for military and civilian duties, South Africa’s Paramount Group has completed the first public flight of its AHRLAC design.

The advanced high-performance reconnaissance light aircraft’s formal debut was performed at Wonderboom airport in Pretoria on 13 August – just over a month after Paramount unveiled the prototype on 10 July. Flight testing of the type has now reached a total of around 5h, the company says.

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Sub-Saharan Africa has long been thought of — usually unfairly — as the most chronically unstable section of the planet. But this week offered crucial evidence that both perception and reality are undergoing a much-needed change.

President Obama hosted leaders from over 50 African countries in Washington, the first American attempt of the sort of continent-wide trade and investment conference that China, Brazil, and India have been holding in recent decades.

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U.S.-Africa Summit 2014: Africa on the Agenda or Too Little Too Late?

America’s present relationship with Africa is frustratingly complex. In matters of security, it appears the multilateral, multidimensional partnerships that seek to bind the continental divide have been in their very nature, characterized by contradictions.

The primary challenge as I see it for the United States, while the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit of 2014 comes to a close, will be to overcome the reputational damage caused by the infamous mantra of the ‘regime change’ approach in years past. This bellicose security and defense issue remains a major concern to African emerging market actors and, much like the modern interpretation of African integration opportunity itself, is a theme long overdue for refreshed perspective.

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